Crystal Rose

I had the chance to finally see my good friend Crystal yesterday of Crystal Rose Photography. We had met through a mutual makeup friend over a year ago, and after our first shoot we began to work with each other fairly often. 

Crystal is such a beautiful person in so many ways that I couldn't even begin to describe. We met up at her place late yesterday afternoon and decided to treat ourselves to a healthy supper of wine, cheese, chocolate, and prosciutto (those are four main food groups, right?). After consuming enough of everything to make myself less anxious due to my lack of being photogenic, we trudged forward into the beautiful day to snap some photos. 

Crystal really needed some shots of her new hair-do (thanks to Bree Marshall at Bam Hair). I don't blame her one bit either! Those peachy-coral locks are a real head turner and a perfect accent to the fall season (and heads up to the fun color gals, the warms (red, yellow, orange, pink) stay in your hair much longer than the cool colors).  You can view the set here on the site!

Crystal gazing out her bedroom window.

Crystal gazing out her bedroom window.

Later, Ash


pssst. you can find this lady on (oh and click the header to see the photoset)

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