I'm a horrible writer

Just so all of you know. I'm a terrible writer. I never keep up with my blog. I'm going to work harder to change that and let you in to this brain of mine. 

I just recently got back from Cincinnati. I'll throw some pictures up of a recent photoshoot I did with all my friends from home! And they were such pro's too! I did not hear a single gripe the whole time, lol. 

Layla, Jordan, Chelsea, Amanda, Heather

Layla, Jordan, Chelsea, Amanda, Heather

My friend is the designer, Heather Kitchen of Kitchies Handmade!

Heather Kitchen of Kitchies Handmade

Heather Kitchen of Kitchies Handmade

This incredible women sculpts her own pendants and well as making all the jewelry herself. give her a look on instagram  @kitchieshandmade

Smitten Kitten

So we recently started shooting with a company based out of Boulder, CO called Luna Claire. They offer versatile seasonless clothing and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a transparent and socially responsible company. This is our first attempt at a night shoot for Luna Claire, we hope you digg.

Wardrobe: Dress - Luna Claire / Fur Coat - Sagafox / Shoes - Michael Kors 

Stylist/Model: Alyssa Campbell with Nxt|Model @daylou_stylehouse

Stylist/HMUA/Photographer: Ash Taylor with The Guts and Glory 


written by Alyssa Campbell of Daylou Stylehouse