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Ash Taylor is a photographer with a mission to show the beauty and love within ourselves.

With a decade of experience in Photography, Ash Taylor has been an integral part of over 400 photoshoots, from portrait to commercial. Ash's career began as a bridal seamstress, giving her the precision required to spot peculiarities that arise on set and in editing. Her love for fashion, color, and detail-oriented tasks has pervaded her work as a hair and makeup artist, fashion stylist, and photographer.

Her current focus is on using her photography to humanize sexual behaviors, emphasizing inclusivity of all colors, shapes, and creeds. Through her collaboration with sex-positive publications such as Shop Vibrantly (a Planned Parenthood company), The Safe Word, and the local magazine Peen Zine, Ash strives to take the taboo and make it conventional. With a skilled, experienced eye for composition and lighting, she reveals the value in the commonplace and the eccentric, inviting viewers to relate to her work on a deeper, subconcious level.



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